What Is The Function Of The Smart Shoe Cabinet In The Smart Household Appliance?

The quality of household appliances is getting more and more attention from consumers, and advanced household appliances are widely used, especially in the current development of science and technology, people will buy smart household appliances.

I. Price of smart shoe cabinet

Smart shoe cabinet about how much money, with the improvement of people’s quality of life, people use the shoe cabinet has also been a big change, is more and more intelligent, smart shoe cabinet added a variety of functions to solve people’s confusion.
Moreover, the smart shoe cabinet and wardrobe combined design is to bring people convenience. Smart shoe cabinet these years very popular, many people are paying attention to and buying, so said, very much want to know how much smart shoe cabinet is about.

If yes, only a door of the shoe volume is also less intelligent shoe cabinet, its price will be relatively cheap, about 300 yuan – 700 yuan, some of this kind of smart shoe cabinet may be more interesting in the design is designed on the form of changing shoes and stools. If the number of people at home is relatively large, you can choose to buy a relatively large smart shoe cabinet, the price is between 1000 yuan – 5000 yuan. Put it in the living room, it as a living room appliances, now relatively popular with the people of a smart shoe cabinet is a pair of open door ivory white solid wood smart shoe cabinet, in the price is the same kind of 2000 yuan – 4000 between.

The price is not very expensive after careful consideration.Smart shoe cabinet and wardrobe combination can be said to be very practical, that is, people change shoes at the same time, also has a large wardrobe.

What Is The Function Of The Smart Shoe Cabinet In The Smart Household Appliance?

Second, smart shoe cabinet and wardrobe combination has the following advantages:

1, double deodorization, but also room air fresh and natural

The design of smart shoe cabinet and wardrobe combination uses the dual deodorizing technology combining positive and negative ion generator and electronic ceramic ozone generator to carry out thorough oxidation and decomposition of ammonia, methanol and so on, the main components of odor.Shoe cabinet can be timed automatic deodorization, deodorization rate of 100%, can effectively improve the freshness of the room air, so that odor away.

2, micro-computer intelligent control, timing memory automatic work

Smart shoe cabinet built-in microcomputer, like a computer has hardware and software (program) composition, can recognize people like the computer issued instructions to it, automatic control of the corresponding function sit, and has a timed memory function, can be timed operation, after the end of all operations, but also automatically stop, completely save the trouble of manual manipulation.

3, multi-functional ozone generator disinfection, to avoid virus infection

Smart shoelace wardrobe design with multi-functional high-efficiency ozone generator, can release atomic oxygen in a short period of time to fully disinfect the shoes.Efficient disinfection can block the spread of pathogens, completely eliminate the growth of infectious diseases, bacteria, fungi and parasites, to avoid foot gas, foot, foot trenchitis, chicken eyes, gray toenails and other diseases of the virus inter-infection and cross-infection.

4, automatic dustremoval, oiling, waxing, cleaning and maintenance shoes

Now with cow and sheep skin, crocodile skin, scrub and suede and other materials produced by high-end shoes everywhere, shoes maintenance has naturally become the pursuit of high-quality life of people’s focus. Self-developed hidden infrared sensing technology, so that smart shoe cabinets can automatically maintain and clean shoes.As long as the user chooses the specified function, intelligent cleaning system will automatically run dust, oil, waxing and other steps, easy to relax without hands, you can make shoes as bright as new.

What Is The Function Of The Smart Shoe Cabinet In The Smart Household Appliance?

5, dehumidification and mold, keep shoes dry, comfortable, warm

People’s sweat glands developed, it is easy to sweat lead to wet shoes, and smart shoe cabinets using the thermostatic hot air circulation system dehumidification anti-mold, with a strong double ball warm air circulation system, shoes will be moist, sweat through drive away. The system intelligent self-control temperature of 40 degrees, to ensure that in the absence of any damage to shoes, to achieve the wet effect.The shoes are dry and comfortable, fresh and warm.

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