Smart Household Appliances – Brand Introduction Of Smart Speakers

Smart Household Appliances - Brand Introduction Of Smart Speakers

The development of science and technology, smart household appliances have also developed. Smart speaker has a variety of brands, materials and styles, consumers in the choice to buy smart speakers, we must pay attention to the smart speaker what functions, if you do not know how to buy smart speakers, you can interact with the smart speaker experience, and then choose.Which smart speaker is good?

With the continuous improvement of the demand for life, smart home into everyone’s life, such as smart speakers, smart TV and smart air conditioning and so on, the following together to see which smart speaker is good.

Smart Household Appliances  - Brand Introduction Of Smart Speakers

I. Brand introduction of smart speakers

1, Tmall Genie

Recommended Reasons: Home Appliance Voice Control/Voice On Demand/Sound Print Shopping/DTS Audio Technology/Massive Audio/Coax/Affordable Tmall Genie smart speaker from the overall point of view, the accuracy performance is: Tmall Genie, in the state of no interference, noise, accuracy of up to 85.67 percent, and in the noise interference in the two states, can still maintain a high accuracy, followed by ding, with a slightly inferior performance.The less desirable thing is that Nikki, floating between 49% and 56%, still needs to improve.

2.Glory YOYO

Recommended Reason: Smart Call/Smart Butler/360-degree Surround Sound/Control Appliances/Bluetooth Speaker/Voice Wake-Up The biggest difference between the glorious YOYO smart speaker and other AI speakers is that it has intelligent calling function, as long as the network can call mobile phones, speakers and children’s watches, no need to insert a single phone card, so that you can chat with family and friends anytime, anywhere, and truly free your hands.

In terms of function, the Glory YOYO smart speaker supports 3-5 meters of remote-field voice interaction, equipped with SoundAIAzero, supports sound source measurement, noise suppression, reverb elimination, echo cancellation, voice wake-up, endpoint detection, speech recognition, semantic understanding, speech synthesis, duplex call and other technologies.

3, Xiaomi xiao love students

Recommended reasons: Control home appliances / Bluetooth speakers / dual-band wifi / remote voice / voice remote control / smart wake-up Xiaomi AI speaker is not only artificial intelligence speaker, but also network, Bluetooth speaker, support Bluetooth, DLNA, dual-band wifi mode. Usually only need a “little love students”, you can wake up Xiaomi AI speaker to help you deal with a variety of affairs.

For example, playing music, telling stories, setting alarm clocks, checking the weather, looking for a cell phone, encyclopedia, control lights, empty withering, air purifiers, Xiaomi TV…

4, 360 Smart Speaker MAX M1

Recommended Reasons: Hi-Fi-Grade Fever Sound/Smart EQ Smart Sound/Double Smart Wake/Sound Tattoo Recognition/Home Scene Linkage/Bluetooth Music Playback The M1 is the 360’s first smart speaker product, the biggest selling point is to have very outstanding sound quality. It uses TI-specific sound processor, smart EQ intelligent sound, so every sound is clear, built-in Rokid KAMINO18 artificial intelligence AI chip, using dedicated audio DSP and NPU, with advanced sound source positioning, beam forming, noise suppression and echo cancellation, voice conversion,
Ability to wake up easily within 5 meters.

Smart Household Appliances  - Brand Introduction Of Smart Speakers

II.What functions do smart speakers have?

Intelligent speaker technology is constantly upgraded, many users in life to buy smart speakers, advanced household appliances can meet the needs of life, the following together to see what the smart speaker has functions.

1, Xiaomi AI smart speaker

Xiaomi AI speaker is to support voice interaction, including online music, internet radio, audiobooks, radio stations, etc., to provide news, weather, alarm clock, countdown, memo, reminder, time, exchange rate, stock, limit, counting, find mobile phone, encyclopedia/question and answer, chat, jokes, recipes, translation and other functions.

2, Xiaoya AI smart speaker Xiaoya AI speaker is a full content AI speaker, launched by Himalaya FM on June 20, 2017, can be used in the family and other sub-sectors, including alarm clock, reminder, weather and other features.

His main selling point is the rich audio content of the Himalayas.

3, Tmall Pokemon X1 Smart Speaker
Tmall Elf X1 built-in Ali Genie operating system, Ali Genie lives in the cloud, it can understand Chinese Voice commands in Mandarin, currently can achieve smart home control, voice shopping, mobile phone recharge, call takeaway, audio music playback and other functions.

The above is a small editor to introduce the smart household appliances in the smart speaker brand introduction. I hope this will help you buy smart household appliances in the future.

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