How Should TV Be Purchased As Household Appliances?

How Should TV Be Purchased As Household Appliances?

When buying household appliances, people tend to pay attention to the quality and brand of household appliances. People often buy TV as the most common kind of household appliances, but televisions usually sell the type of not only one, and television selling period, because of the price of televisions and production processes, their types of design is very different, so how to buy?

Let’s see what’s the difference between a flat-screen TV and an LCD TV, and what’s the difference between a flat-screen TV and an LCD TV?

How Should TV Be Purchased As Household Appliances?

First,what’s the difference between a flat-screen TV and an LCD TV

1.The production of LCD TV enterprises generally claim to be high in the clarity of plasma TELEVISION, and claimed that the current plasma TV claims the highest physical resolution is only 1024 x 1024, and most lcd TVs can reach 1024 x 768 high resolution, the highest has reached 1920 x 1080.

2. In fact, the physical resolution of plasma televisions sold on the market is mostly only 852 x 480, and only a few plasma tvs have a physical resolution of 1024 x 768.
However, it is also decided that the clarity of flat-screen TV is not only the physical resolution of the screen, the circuit on the high-definition signal processing also directly affects the clarity, simply from the physical resolution of the screen to judge the OK.

3.No matter how the LCD TV excuse, plasma TV in terms of perspective is better than LCD TV, of course, plasma TV is not “no perspective problem.”
For our living room, bedroom TV, very few people will watch TV from a perspective of more than 120 degrees, so from this point of view, the two sides of the perspective of the attack is not necessary.

4.Response speed has been the weakness of LCD TV, although the recent technical improvementhas, but sometimes also by the production of plasma TV enterprises to attack the object of LCD TV.
Some companies claim that their LCD TV response times have been reduced to 8 milliseconds, but in fact, most of the LCD TV response times sold on the market are around 12 milliseconds. 5. Even if the reported response time drops to 8 milliseconds lcd TV, there is still a tail-end phenomenon when playing fast motion images, because the enterprise claims that the 8 ms response time is measured by the phenomenon of playing still images.For a fast-moving black image of white images, LCD TVs have a slight tail-end phenomenon.

How Should TV Be Purchased As Household Appliances?

Second,what are the tips for buying flat-screen TVs and LCD TVs


Resolution is an important measure of LCD TV performance, the current market mainstream resolution parameters are mainly 1366 x 768 and 1920 x 1080.
HD flat-screen TV in the horizontal and vertical direction of clarity, basically higher than the 720 line, simply put, the real HD flat-screen TV must meet the resolution of more than 1366 x 768 this condition.

2.Response time

Response time is also important, it will decide to display high-speed dynamic screen, see if there will be fuzzy and tailing phenomenon, the purchase partner experts remind everyone: the current mainstream 8 ms response time can basically meet the requirements of everyone to use. Generally speaking, the faster the reaction time, the less LCD TV will appear tail, residual phenomenon.
It’s best to see how the action movie actually plays before you buy.

3.Brightness, contrast

In fact, consumers can directly ignore the brightness and contrast parameters provided by manufacturers, immediately to their own visual perception of the main, the method is in 5 meters away from the distance, view the screen display brightness and contrast, pay attention to the details of the dark scene performance, do a few product comparisons.

The above information content is the flat-screen TV and LCD TV what difference son is introduced, there is a flat-screen TV and LCD TV what difference with the purchase skills, Hope can help you.

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