Household Appliances – How To Buy And Choose A Gas Stove Frame And How To Introduce

Household Appliances - How To Buy And Choose A Gas Stove Frame And How To Introduce

Believe that every family needs to buy household appliances, household appliances in our home life style is essential, its security is very important, therefore, people will choose advancedĀ householdĀ appliances, on the one hand for security considerations, the other side for the convenience of foreign trade.

I believe that everyone’s kitchen will be used to gas stove, with gas stove we cook more convenient, with fire safety, convenient for our lives, then the gas stove by what composition, gas stove on top of a shelf, this shelf is what we call the gas stove rack.The role of the gas stove frame is very large, it is used to support the pot, convenient for us to use fried vegetables, today small editor for you to introduce how to buy the gas stove frame and the type of gas stove frame.

Household Appliances - How To Buy And Choose A Gas Stove Frame And How To Introduce

First, how to buy gas stove rack

1.How to buy the gas stove frame fire cover: must use copper, because the fire cover part is the burning part of the flame, only copper high temperature corrosion resistance, long-term combustion is not easy deformation;
Look at the uncoated part of what material, copper more delicate the better.

2. How to buy the gas stove frame fire protection device: domestic thermocouple fire protection device from 1-40 yuan, imports from 60-100 range, this is one of the sources of stove price difference;
As far as possible to buy high sensitivity, generally between 8-20 seconds is more appropriate.

3.How to buy gas stove frame burner: gas distribution plate (part of the brand called burner) and the material of the fire cover must be different, the new national standard has come out, some brands in the publicity to say that their gas distribution plate is all copper, do not buy;Learn physics know! !

4.How to buy the gas stove frame furnace head: furnace head is divided into two materials, one is cast iron, one is aluminum alloy, it is recommended to buy cast iron, and to buy after corrosion-resistant treatment, some miscellaneous cards spray paint on the cast iron, this million do not buy, because your stove head has been burned corrosion,Unless you want to risk a sudden fire in the kitchen one day, consider! Look at the furnace material, the simple way is to take off the fire cover, etc. , can directly see that the surface treatment is more delicate, similar to the plated better!

Household Appliances - How To Buy And Choose A Gas Stove Frame And How To Introduce

Second, the type of gas stove frame

Gas stove frame as a kitchen household appliances, its types are mainly divided into stainless steel pot frame, enamel pot frame, cast iron pot frame three:

A,stainless steel pot frame belongs to the metal welded, the surface of a long period of high-temperature heating will change color, and will grow over time and color deepen. Then the welding place of the rack support and the frame for a long time will gradually oxidize with a long period of high temperature, rust, until the dewelding fall off.
Small editors do not recommend the purchase of this kind of pot rack.

B, enamel pot rack surface has a layer of enamel treatment technology, will not rust, will not corrode, the texture is particularly hard, easy to clean.
But enamel pot rack is not resistant to fall, fall will reveal the metal inside, in the short term will not have any problems, a long time, rack support and scaffolding welding place for a long time with a long period of high temperature and gradually oxidize, rust, until the welding off.

C, cast iron pot frame surface after the trioxide treatment, with high heat, not rusty effect. The appearance of gray-black, all-in-one forming, no welding points, tentacles have a bumpy feeling (roughness), larger volume than other species, the mass is also heavier. The gas stove cast iron pot frame will not be as beautiful and light as the stainless steel and enamel pot racks. It gives a very stable, atmospheric, elegant feeling. Has a high anti-slip coefficient.Solid performance is very good, is currently the best on the market, but also the first choice to buy gas stove frame.

The above is a small editor to introduce to everyone about how to buy gas stove frame and gas stove frame kinds, after watching we should know how to buy it.

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