Introduction To Air-conditioning Fans For Household Appliances

Introduction To Air-conditioning Fans For Household Appliances

Air-conditioning fan for today’s people are no strangers, with the existence of household appliances, we use is also very convenient. In order to better long-term use, we will choose advancedĀ householdĀ appliances, air-conditioning fan principle? The following small editor to introduce to you about the air-conditioning fan some knowledge.Learn about it through the introduction of the article.

I. What is the principle of air-conditioning fan?

1. Air conditioning fan principle air conditioning fan is a new concept of fan, with gas supply, refrigeration, heating, air purification, humidification and other functions, water as the medium, can be issued in a short period of time equivalent to the water temperature of the wind, both warm and cold. Compared with electric fans, air-conditioning fans have the function of humidifying air, air conditioning fan principle but its power is much higher than the traditional fan, power is about 60-80W, but far lower than air conditioning. The air-conditioning fan principle price is very friendly.But after all, it can’t cool itself.

2. It needs to continuously inject the required temperature of water in order to continue to provide the desired temperature of the wind. Therefore, it is very inconvenient to use. For example, the indoor temperature in summer is 30 degrees C and the air conditioning fan temperature is 1 oC. About 20 hours of water can provide about half an hour of cold air. After half an hour, the water temperature in the body is absorbed at room temperature.Therefore, be careful not to add too much water when using.

Introduction To Air-conditioning Fans For Household Appliances

II. What is the key point of air-conditioning fan selection

1. Purchase of air-conditioning fans should choose a store of guaranteed quality. Because from the formal way to buy electrical appliances have a single basis, can ensure the normal after-sales service of products. In addition, to buy home appliances, you should choose a more famous brand.
This information is available online.

2. When buying air-conditioning fans, pay attention to the three-pack certificate must be complete, the purchase of the brand’s products will be better.
Must have a mandatory product certification mark, only products with mandatory product certification mark can have quality and safety assurance.

3. Pay attention to the test machine. Turn on the air-conditioning fan and feel like the cooling is very good, but don’t buy on impulse, as this may just be the reason the air conditioner is already in the store. Therefore, you should feel the power of the wind directly at the outlet. In places with low traffic, stand 3-5 meters from the air-conditioned fan to see if you can feel the visible wind.
Gradually turn off or step by step air conditioning fan, feel some air volume.

4. Choose an air-conditioning fan with ice crystal freezer. Air-conditioning fans are generally placed in the living room, it acts as a living room appliances, air-conditioning fans with ice crystals have a better cooling effect than other types. Other cooling methods include water curtain cooling, which has the advantages of small size, low price and low power consumption. Pump cooling is small and uniform, but at a high price.
The user can select the air conditioning fan according to the individual’s actual situation.

Introduction To Air-conditioning Fans For Household Appliances

5. Air-conditioning fans vary in size and shape. Before purchasing an air-conditioning fan, users should expect a good position.The angle, length and size of the air conditioner fan should be considered.

Air-conditioning fan is also a very good household appliances products, with its existence when we use, the effect can also be very good, small editor introduced the principle and choice, we also need to understand clearly, so that we can meet our needs.

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