Introduction To The Size Of Natural Water Heater In Household Appliances

Natural gas water heater is a common household appliances, in many households in use, people’s level of science and technology, there are many people like to choose smart household appliances. But many people are a little confused about the main frame of the water heater can be divided into different models, the size is according to the size of the number of liters.

Users choose to use gas water heater, then, what is the size of the natural gas water heater? Next, by the small editor for everyone to bring about the natural gas water heater size of the relevant instructions, together to understand it.

First, natural gas water heater size

Natural gas water heaters are not water storage types. It’s different from gas water heaters. If you want to see the liters, you cannot compare them to the number of water storage water heaters. It is necessary to calculate according to scientific and serious methods. There is a formula , ( T25 degrees C x X flow) to set the temperature, which is a more professional algorithm. The popular point is that the amount of hot water per minute that meets the conditions, such as a 16-litre natural gas heater, provides 40 litres of hot water in two and a half minutes.It is equivalent to water storage electric water heater burning for 40 minutes of hot water.

Introduction To The Size Of Natural Water Heater In Household Appliances

Second,choose the appropriate size of a natural gas water heater

1. If it is an ordinary family, the population is three people, you can choose 11 to 16 liters. Then, if it is a home with a large number of people, it is more appropriate to provide more hot water and faster heating in a short period of time.
Select more than 14 liters.

2. In the selection, should consider the natural gas water heater water source distance. If the distance is large, the ups need to be relatively large. Of course, this must be taken into account if the heat loss is relatively large. There is also a bathtub in the house and it is necessary to increase the number of gas water heaters.In addition, the individual water demand also affects the number of gas water heaters.

Third,the working principle of gas water heater

1. When cold water flows into the water heater, under the action of the water vapor connection valve body, it pushes and promotes the DC power supply itself, thus opening the pulse igniter and opening the gas transmission solenoid valve. Second, the pulse ignition will ignite again until the ignition successfully enters the boiling water state.
Typically, this process takes 5 seconds to 10 seconds.

2. If the gas water heater ignites with water pressure or power shortage, the pulse detector will detect the induction needle and automatically power off.
Secondly, when these problems occur, the gas water heater will automatically cut off the gas channel, so that the water heater is well protected.

3. When the gas water heater is running, first open the main gas switch and adjust the valve to a suitable position. At this point, the gas will come from the two chambers A and B. Then open the main valve of the water, allowing cold water to enter the water pressure differential valve and into the heat exchanger on the other side.

Due to the different water pressure on both sides of the rubber film of the gas water heater, the differential pressure film will move to the base, the moving water-gas linkage catapult will move to the left, and the final power switch will be switched on.

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