Introduction Of Straight Suction Hood

How much is the installation height of the direct hood? Most people in the kitchen now have direct range hoods, because the direct hood can suck off the fumes, which is very important for our health. However, do you know where the best position of the direct hood is?

Introduction Of Straight Suction Hood

I.Straight suction hood installation height

1.The installation height of the direct hood is generally installed on the same axis of the cooker directly above the cooker. The left, front and rear positions should be maintained. The distance from the bottom of the range hood to the cooktop should be 650-750mm (side The suction machine can be appropriately reduced (200-400mm), which should be determined according to the specific use conditions. The range hood should not be installed in a place with large air convection. When installing, the pencil can be used to draw the approximate position on the wall.

2.In addition, the Chinese deep type machine with hood can be installed higher, the hood can be installed lower, the power can be installed higher, the power can be installed lower, the direct smoke can be used. Considering the convenience of operation and the smoking effect, the height of the stove is generally between 65-75cm; and the bottom of the side suction hood is closer to the stove, generally between 35-45cm.

3.In addition, if the hood is installed at a distance from the top, in order to hide the pipe, you can customize the hood to lengthen the hood. Before installation, you should also determine the position of the hood.

Introduction Of Straight Suction Hood

The best position of the straight range hood

The best position of the direct suction range hood is where the general position of the straight suction hood is 70cm, which can not only meet the requirements of the direct hood but also the direct hood. Generally, the range hood is 650-700 mm along the outer edge of the stove. It can also be determined according to the following comprehensive situation. In general, the height of the range hood should be low and not high.

In addition, the height of the direct range hood should be set according to the type of the range, and the installation height of the side hood should be appropriate to ensure the effect of the range smog; the normal installation height is the distance between the bottom of the hood and the top of the stove at 350mm. It is preferably up to 400 mm. The bottom of the European straight range hood is installed at a reference height of 650mm-750mm. Chinese-style direct suction range hood, the height is generally 650mm-750mm from the table top.

II.How to clean the straight suction hood?

How to remove the direct range hood:

1, unplug the power supply before cleaning the range hood. Remember, you must unplug the power supply for safety reasons.

2.Next, remove the ‘oil cup’ from the outside of the hood and pour it. When you pour it, you will see a lot of black and black oil. (It will be dirty when dismantled. It is recommended to wear a dirty dress, or clothes that you don’t want to wear.

3.Then, remove the oil filter. The function of the oil filter net is to block the soot as much as possible. Some models are designed as one layer, but some models are designed as two or more layers. The filter holes are square, diamond and round.

4.Remove the oil guiding disc. Under the action of the high-speed rotation of the fan impeller, the oil that is pumped out is finally collected in the oil guiding disc, and then the oil is sent into the oil collecting cup or the oil collecting tank through the plastic tube.

5.Remove the fan impeller, loosen the fixing screw of the turbine, push down and remove the turbine. When installing the turbine, be sure to align the same screw with the plane on the motor shaft.

6.Before removing the motor, remove the dust cover above the motor and then remove the four screws that fix the motor to remove the motor.

III.How to clean the direct range hood:

Now almost all families install a direct range hood in the kitchen, so that when we cook, the fumes will be obviously improved, but while it is convenient for life, we also need to know how to clean the straight hood. Because of the long-term use, the smoking fume opportunity is attached with a thick layer of grease. If it is not cleaned, there will always be a smell of soot in the kitchen, which looks like a dirty feeling.

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