How To Choose A Commercial Soya-bean Milk Machine?

Buying household appliances is what many homes or shops need, so how do you buy advanced household appliances? I believe that everyone still does not know how to buy household appliances, let’s see how to buy it!

How To Choose A Commercial Soya-bean Milk Machine?

First, how to choose commercial soya-bean milk machine

1.How to choose the quality of soymilk in commercial soya-bean milk machine, which is becoming more and more fierce in the 21st century. People’s living standards are constantly improving. More and more attention is paid to diet. Some foods containing additives and pigments escape. Soymilk is called “plant milk” in foreign countries. Express the meaning of nature and green. Therefore, “green soy milk” without additives is now fashionable and is the future development trend of soy milk.

2, how to choose the machine performance of commercial soya-bean milk machine, machine performance is a comprehensive performance, which includes its function, quality, quality, principle, etc. These are also concerns of users. An excellent team, not only good quality, more functions, but more importantly, competitiveness, can solve some problems that other teams can’t solve. For example, using a pot to cook the bottom of the pot, the concentration can not be high, soy milk can be added without adding additives. Eliminates astringency and astringency, ensuring the fresh, natural and original taste of soy milk. This is a kitchen appliances.The performance of this household appliance is very good, we can choose to buy it.

3, how to choose the safety of commercial soya-bean milk machine, the safety of soymilk machine is mainly reflected in two aspects: First, the safety of soymilk machine itself, some high-pressure or non-pressure equipment I think that each user does not want to operate this business several years. It was destroyed in an explosion accident, and the second is the safety of producing soy milk. Nowadays, people know that soy milk has a “fake boiling phenomenon”. Now the solution to this problem is undoubtedly the addition of defoamers, which are chemicals.

4.How to choose the cost of commercial soya-bean milk machine and strive for a good project. Various cost issues are related to whether the project can survive, labor, raw materials, equipment and equipment use. Now, the only machine on the market is a good way to save labor. The market price is almost the same. Team selection is especially important. It is not necessary to choose the most beautiful or cheapest household appliances.

How To Choose A Commercial Soya-bean Milk Machine?

Second, what are the maintenance skills of commercial soya-bean milk machine?

  1. Applicable environment, single-phase AC voltage 220±10%V/50Hz, ambient temperature 0-40°C, ambient air humidity ≤80% (25°C), indoor use below 2000m horizontal sea. Exceeding the above conditions may affect the normal operation of the machine.
  2. When the machine is placed in an environment below 0 °C, the drain rod must be pulled to completely remove the remaining water, and the water in the tank is drained through the drain cock. Prevent ice from being damaged. The machine must be placed in the machine. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight in a relatively dry indoor environment. The cooking tub and grout nozzle should be cleaned each time the soy milk is prepared.
  3. If the machine is running and there are protection issues not specified in the manual, do not disassemble the machine without authorization. Contact your dealer to resolve the issue. For the serious scale of the grinding system, you can mix 100 grams of citric acid powder {citric acid: hot water = 1: 5} in the solution, pour directly into the hopper for 30 minutes, then press “Select Function” “Show clean text. Then press ” The Start/Stop button performs this operation twice in a row. If this method cannot be resolved, contact your dealer to resolve it.

How to choose commercial soybean milk machine in advanced household appliances? What are the maintenance techniques of commercial soya-bean milk machine? These are the main articles in the above article, Xiaobian mainly introduces you, I hope it will help you very well.

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