Household appliances – What Are The Brands Of The Oven And An Introduction To The Shopping Tips

Ovens are believed to be familiar to everyone, and it is a common type of household appliances. Can be used to make snacks, desserts, many food lovers will buy a home oven at home, convenient to make food, but the type of oven brand, buy a lot of problems, do not know which brand to buy good, come to see the home oven brand what?

Below by the decoration of the home network of small editor to give you a detailed introduction to it.

Household appliances - What Are The Brands Of The Oven And An Introduction To The Shopping Tips

First, what are the brands of the home oven?

1. Glanz electric oven, Glanz electric oven arc inner bile setting sits can be used without adding a huge body of detail, useful to improve the use of the volume, improve the heat circulation space inside the oven, so that the food is more comprehensive heat, baking more and more uniform temperature. A good speed of a Glanz electric oven is the professional world only a one-turn 28-turn rotation speed, the speed of the roastfork rotation is not fast not slow, match ingested on a good ratio of inner bile, will be baked food more and more extra-hot, delicious.
The high-efficiency stainless steel heating tube used in the Glanz electric oven increases the oven’s thermal efficiency by 30%, 1.2 times the heating rate, and adheres to the stability of the magnetic field inside the oven.

2. Changdi oven, emperor oven brand ranked first, and its professionalism can not be separated. Since Changdi opened its factory in the Pearl River Delta in 1991, it has become a dark horse in China’s home appliance industry at an alarming rate.Changdi only produces, develops, sells electric ovens, this specificity, so that Changdi electric oven brand has been standing, and 20 percent of the technician staff.

Household appliances - What Are The Brands Of The Oven And An Introduction To The Shopping Tips

Second, home oven shopping tips

1. As a household appliances, how can the oven distinguish in appearance? The oven shell to distinguish, but also can be divided into metal paint and spray two kinds.
For the electric oven door, should choose a more transparent more practical purpose to be clear first to clearly buy the oven is to do, if only for roasting chicken wings, peanuts, melons and other small things, of course, do not need too large oven, small enough price to cope with.

2. The power of the home oven is generally between 500 to 2000W, its power size is designed according to the volume of the box, the household should choose more than 1000W specifications, because the high-power electric oven heating up fast, less heat loss, power consumption relative savings.
Home electric oven function softening, timing, power shift, etc. , purchase, should try to buy more functions and convenient and practical products.

3. Buy an electric oven followed by checking that the fan is not good to use ? Use the fan to grill the meat, the effect is very good, not only to save energy 20%, and better taste. But the role of the fan for the baking west point is limited, the inside of the oven has a outlet, one may be two imports, hot air in the import and export between the repeated cycle, hot wind can not be near the box becomead a dead end, plus the air outlet temperature will be low, so the temperature between the near by the air outlet will be uneven, used to bake on coloring is influential.So, when selecting a fan, pick an oven that the fan can handle on your own.

The above article is this issue of small editor-in-chief to introduce to you about the home oven brand and home oven shopping tips, I believe the above information can bring you help.

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