Household Appliances – Jiuyang Rice Cooker Which Is Good To Use?

The rice cooker is an essential household appliances, related to the daily diet. A good rice cooker can make fragrant rice, so many people will choose Jiuyang this old brand. What about the Jiuyang rice cooker?Many consumers don’t know how to choose advanced household appliances when they buy.

Household Appliances - Jiuyang Rice Cooker Which Is Good To Use?

I.How about the Jiuyang rice cooker?

1, Jiuyang rice cooker is a product of Jiuyang Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, is a focus on healthy eating electrical research and development, production and sales of modern enterprises. The brand in the industry belongs to the old brand, has a good reputation, quality is worth ensuring.

2, Jiuyang rice cooker variety, with many different grades. Families with different economic conditions can choose the right product according to their own circumstances.Different Jiuyang rice cookerhas have different functions, such as porridge, cake, high-pressure cooking and so on, the performance is very powerful.

3, Jiuyang rice cooker appearance unique, with streamlined design, the united printed appearance gives people a texture.Consumers can choose the right size according to their own demographic structure, it can also become a beautiful scenery in the kitchen.

II.Jiuyang rice cooker which is good

1, Jiuyang rice cooker JYF-20FS66 Jiuyang rice cooker

JYF-20FS66 is a very high-value rice cooker, it has a variety of small fresh colors, it is placed as a kitchen appliances in the kitchen is particularly natural. The advantage is that there is no noise, basically can be said to be silent state, suitable for the use of a family of three.

Jiuyang rice cooker JYF-20FS66 with steamed rice, cooking porridge, soup, stew and other functions, can meet the daily household.

2, Jiuyang rice cooker F-50T7 Jiuyang rice cooker

F-50T7 is a star product of Jiuyang, with high sales volume.

It uses the inner bile of the iron kettle, through electromagnetic induction precise temperature control, the use of 1200w of super-large firepower, through intelligent control to reproduce the sweet and soft rice.

3, Jiuyang rice cooker F-40FY1 Jiuyang rice cooker

F-40FY1 is a suitable for domestic rice cooker, its inner bile material is a coppersmith thick kettle inner bile, the use of micro-computer control can be automatically cooked and many other functions.
This advanced home appliance is 750W of power, 6L volume suitable for a family of three.

Household Appliances - Jiuyang Rice Cooker Which Is Good To Use?

III.Jiuyang rice cooker price list

1, Jiuyang F-40T5

Reference quote:¥999

Volume size: 4L product power: 1200W

Inner bile material: the number of guts in the earth stove iron kettle: 2-5 peopleMake an appointment for a regular cooking meal: support

2, Jiuyang F-40FY1

Reference quote:¥399
Volume size: 6L product power: 750W
Inner bile material: Coppersmith thick kettle inner bile applicable number: 2-3 people Make an appointment for a regular cooking meal: support

3, Jiuyang JYF-50FS69
Reference Quote:¥250
Volume size: 5L product power: 500W
Inner bile material: non-stick gold crystal inner bile applicable number: 2-5 peopleMake an appointment for a regular cooking meal: support

4, Jiuyang JYF-30FE08
Reference quote:¥139
Volume size: 3L product power: 600W
Inner bile material: Yellow crystal polyenergy inner bile cooked rice volume: 10 cups
Number of people: 2-5

5, Jiuyang F-40FY813
Volume size: 4L product power: 860W
Inner bile material: the number of guts applicable to the earth stove: 3-6 people
Control: Microcomputer control

The above is to introduce the advanced household appliances related knowledge, to describe to everyone, Jiuyang rice cooker which is good? Hopefully, these will help you when you buy advanced household appliances.

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