Household Appliances – Induction Cooker And Gas Stove Which Is Good, How To Choose The Induction Cooker

Household appliances in our lives are widely used, the level of science and technology, advanced household appliances are people’s pursuit, in life, we will be everywhere in the family household household appliances it, the use is more and more extensive.

Kitchen must have good kitchen appliances, can give us life inside the convenient use, for the induction cooker and is the gas stove are commonly used. But in choosing, we must understand our needs. So, which is good for induction cookers and gas stoves? It is an important question that we need to look at.The following small editor to introduce to you, so that we can choose the right.

Household Appliances - Induction Cooker And Gas Stove Which Is Good, How To Choose The Induction Cooker

First, the induction cooker and gas stove which is good

1. To know which good, by the size of the kitchen to determine today, although everyone has the ability to buy a house, the size of the house is also important. If you buy a small apartment, the kitchen will be smaller, so we will choose to buy a non-occupied induction cooker.
But if the room type is larger, we will of course buy a gas stove, it is a gas stove, so it is best to cook at the same time.

2. Cost-determined if we use a gas stove, usually gas charges; If the gas is more expensive, of course, it is more affordable to buy an induction cooker. If the community’s electricity bills are relatively expensive, we’re still old.
Let’s use a gas stove.

3. The safety of the kitchen should not be ignored. Often, the kitchen uses electricity very often and there is still no safety risk. Therefore, if gas is used, there may be gas contamination in the air and gas may leak.The induction cooker can adjust the temperature at will, but there is a risk of leakage.

Household Appliances - Induction Cooker And Gas Stove Which Is Good, How To Choose The Induction Cooker

Second,how to choose the induction cooker

1. Because the after-sales system of large brands is perfect, we will also ensure the use of it, such as the United States, Supor, Jiuyang, Shang Pengtang, Glanz and other brands. The branded induction furnace is equipped with a variety of protection circuits. The motherboard works well. In general, there are very few protection circuits for branded machines. It is prone to damage in more complex parts of the grid environment. I saw a brand-name induction cooker put a plaster in it because it had added weight. It is called “absorption of radiation”. When I see the internal motherboard, I know what is flashing, and I worry about nothing on the motherboard.Protect the circuit.

2. Choose a thick induction furnace

Induction furnace market there is an emotion, that is, all major brands have introduced ultra-thin machines, although from the appearance of they look very beautiful, but this machine is too thin to dissipate heat, and easy access to water, resulting in a good repair failure rate. High. This type is not recommended when purchasing. You should choose a heavy machine, after all, it is not easy to get into the water.
After all, it’s not held all day, and there’s no need to pursue lightness.

3. Select an induction cooker. Although many of them are touch buttons, button-mounted induction furnaces still have a large market share. Since the touch button panel is one, even if the water overflows, the water cannot enter the interior, and the button part is plastic. When the plastic is heated for a long time, it deforms and breaks, which can cause water to burn out.
Touch-based induction furnaces eliminate this.

Induction cooker and gas stove which good, is small editor to introduce to everyone, so that when we give their own home choice, but also know their specific needs, the choice of more appropriate.

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