Household Appliances – How To Buy A Good Smoke Machine?

The smoke machine is a must-have for household appliances in the kitchen, which makes the kitchen cleaner and cleaner. With the continuous development of science and technology, the market has emerged a variety of advanced household appliances, so many consumers are confused about what style of oil smoke machine to choose.

Then the small editor is here today to introduce you about what kind of smoke machine is good, and buy smoke machine attention to what.
Interested friends follow the small editor to look down.

Household Appliances - How To Buy A Good Smoke Machine?

First, what kind of smoke machine is good

1.European top suction

With the entry of European-style hoods into the market, European top-of-the-line hoods have been improved, with Romans and big brands of European top-sucking reaching up to 17 cubic meters of exhaust. Therefore, if you want to buy European-style smoker, the best choice of boss, Shuaikang such a big brand, and the first-line brand machine prices are generally more than 3000 yuan, the price of the second.
Brand machine about 2000 yuan, slightly expensive.

2.Chinese top suction

Chinese top suction can be said to be A Chinese wind cap. Although the appearance does not have a European-style wind hat, but looks good, but it has a large suction, energy saving and environmental protection, cheap.
In terms of price, China’s top suction has an absolute advantage, generally less than 1000 yuan.

2.Side suction

From the smoking effect, side suction is better than top suction, does not take up kitchen space. Like first-line brands, side suction is very good and quality is guaranteed. However, due to Fangtai’s relatively large investment, the price of ahood is relatively expensive, typically between 3,000 and 6,000.If you don’t have a lot of smoking machine budget.

Second, buy smoke machine attention to what

1. As a household appliance, when choosing a smoker, be sure to observe its motor. This part is the most important part of the smoker.
Need to remind everyone is the quality of domestic motors, can fully meet the design requirements, so in the purchase, do not blindly choose imported motors, which will increase costs.

2. Bearings are an important part of the engine motor. When purchasing, select a motor with double ball bearings. The motor has a longer life and less noise. You can repeatedly press the start switch of the motor to compare the running sound after start-up and shutdown.The smaller the noise, the better.

3. Although high air volume increases the rate of soot discharge, it can also cause drastic changes in room temperature, especially in winter and summer, which can lead to indoor heating or cold air discharge. wasted. On the other hand, in the actual use of the consumer environment, the pressure of the public flue, the length of the return air, the length and number of bends of the exhaust hose, and the window opening spout spout spout stowaway will generate exhaust resistance. Resistance to effective smoke requires a strong wind pressure from the smoker.
If the air pressure is insufficient, even if the nominal air volume is very large, the actual air volume will be seriously reduced.

4. Instantly reduce odor is to assess the ability of the hood to reduce dirty air in the room in a short period of time. During the comparison test, the Zhongxiao Association simulated the ability of a hood to reduce the amount of smoke in the room within 3 minutes if the kitchen was filled with soot.
According to the test results, the higher the instantaneous odor reduction value, the better the effect of oil smoke in a short period of time.

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