Smart Household Appliances – Brand Introduction Of Smart Speakers

Smart Household Appliances - Brand Introduction Of Smart Speakers

The development of science and technology, smart household appliances have also developed. Smart speaker has a variety of brands, materials and styles, consumers in the choice to buy smart speakers, we must pay attention to the smart speaker what functions, if you do not know how to buy smart speakers, you can interact with the smart speaker experience, and then choose.Which smart speaker is good?

With the continuous improvement of the demand for life, smart home into everyone’s life, such as smart speakers, smart TV and smart air conditioning and so on, the following together to see which smart speaker is good.

Smart Household Appliances  - Brand Introduction Of Smart Speakers

I. Brand introduction of smart speakers

1, Tmall Genie

Recommended Reasons: Home Appliance Voice Control/Voice On Demand/Sound Print Shopping/DTS Audio Technology/Massive Audio/Coax/Affordable Tmall Genie smart speaker from the overall point of view, the accuracy performance is: Tmall Genie, in the state of no interference, noise, accuracy of up to 85.67 percent, and in the noise interference in the two states, can still maintain a high accuracy, followed by ding, with a slightly inferior performance.The less desirable thing is that Nikki, floating between 49% and 56%, still needs to improve.

2.Glory YOYO

Recommended Reason: Smart Call/Smart Butler/360-degree Surround Sound/Control Appliances/Bluetooth Speaker/Voice Wake-Up The biggest difference between the glorious YOYO smart speaker and other AI speakers is that it has intelligent calling function, as long as the network can call mobile phones, speakers and children’s watches, no need to insert a single phone card, so that you can chat with family and friends anytime, anywhere, and truly free your hands.

In terms of function, the Glory YOYO smart speaker supports 3-5 meters of remote-field voice interaction, equipped with SoundAIAzero, supports sound source measurement, noise suppression, reverb elimination, echo cancellation, voice wake-up, endpoint detection, speech recognition, semantic understanding, speech synthesis, duplex call and other technologies.

3, Xiaomi xiao love students

Recommended reasons: Control home appliances / Bluetooth speakers / dual-band wifi / remote voice / voice remote control / smart wake-up Xiaomi AI speaker is not only artificial intelligence speaker, but also network, Bluetooth speaker, support Bluetooth, DLNA, dual-band wifi mode. Usually only need a “little love students”, you can wake up Xiaomi AI speaker to help you deal with a variety of affairs.

For example, playing music, telling stories, setting alarm clocks, checking the weather, looking for a cell phone, encyclopedia, control lights, empty withering, air purifiers, Xiaomi TV…

4, 360 Smart Speaker MAX M1

Recommended Reasons: Hi-Fi-Grade Fever Sound/Smart EQ Smart Sound/Double Smart Wake/Sound Tattoo Recognition/Home Scene Linkage/Bluetooth Music Playback The M1 is the 360’s first smart speaker product, the biggest selling point is to have very outstanding sound quality. It uses TI-specific sound processor, smart EQ intelligent sound, so every sound is clear, built-in Rokid KAMINO18 artificial intelligence AI chip, using dedicated audio DSP and NPU, with advanced sound source positioning, beam forming, noise suppression and echo cancellation, voice conversion,
Ability to wake up easily within 5 meters.

Smart Household Appliances  - Brand Introduction Of Smart Speakers

II.What functions do smart speakers have?

Intelligent speaker technology is constantly upgraded, many users in life to buy smart speakers, advanced household appliances can meet the needs of life, the following together to see what the smart speaker has functions.

1, Xiaomi AI smart speaker

Xiaomi AI speaker is to support voice interaction, including online music, internet radio, audiobooks, radio stations, etc., to provide news, weather, alarm clock, countdown, memo, reminder, time, exchange rate, stock, limit, counting, find mobile phone, encyclopedia/question and answer, chat, jokes, recipes, translation and other functions.

2, Xiaoya AI smart speaker Xiaoya AI speaker is a full content AI speaker, launched by Himalaya FM on June 20, 2017, can be used in the family and other sub-sectors, including alarm clock, reminder, weather and other features.

His main selling point is the rich audio content of the Himalayas.

3, Tmall Pokemon X1 Smart Speaker
Tmall Elf X1 built-in Ali Genie operating system, Ali Genie lives in the cloud, it can understand Chinese Voice commands in Mandarin, currently can achieve smart home control, voice shopping, mobile phone recharge, call takeaway, audio music playback and other functions.

The above is a small editor to introduce the smart household appliances in the smart speaker brand introduction. I hope this will help you buy smart household appliances in the future.

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What Is The Function Of The Smart Shoe Cabinet In The Smart Household Appliance?

What Is The Function Of The Smart Shoe Cabinet In The Smart Household Appliance?

The quality of household appliances is getting more and more attention from consumers, and advanced household appliances are widely used, especially in the current development of science and technology, people will buy smart household appliances.

I. Price of smart shoe cabinet

Smart shoe cabinet about how much money, with the improvement of people’s quality of life, people use the shoe cabinet has also been a big change, is more and more intelligent, smart shoe cabinet added a variety of functions to solve people’s confusion.
Moreover, the smart shoe cabinet and wardrobe combined design is to bring people convenience. Smart shoe cabinet these years very popular, many people are paying attention to and buying, so said, very much want to know how much smart shoe cabinet is about.

If yes, only a door of the shoe volume is also less intelligent shoe cabinet, its price will be relatively cheap, about 300 yuan – 700 yuan, some of this kind of smart shoe cabinet may be more interesting in the design is designed on the form of changing shoes and stools. If the number of people at home is relatively large, you can choose to buy a relatively large smart shoe cabinet, the price is between 1000 yuan – 5000 yuan. Put it in the living room, it as a living room appliances, now relatively popular with the people of a smart shoe cabinet is a pair of open door ivory white solid wood smart shoe cabinet, in the price is the same kind of 2000 yuan – 4000 between.

The price is not very expensive after careful consideration.Smart shoe cabinet and wardrobe combination can be said to be very practical, that is, people change shoes at the same time, also has a large wardrobe.

What Is The Function Of The Smart Shoe Cabinet In The Smart Household Appliance?

Second, smart shoe cabinet and wardrobe combination has the following advantages:

1, double deodorization, but also room air fresh and natural

The design of smart shoe cabinet and wardrobe combination uses the dual deodorizing technology combining positive and negative ion generator and electronic ceramic ozone generator to carry out thorough oxidation and decomposition of ammonia, methanol and so on, the main components of odor.Shoe cabinet can be timed automatic deodorization, deodorization rate of 100%, can effectively improve the freshness of the room air, so that odor away.

2, micro-computer intelligent control, timing memory automatic work

Smart shoe cabinet built-in microcomputer, like a computer has hardware and software (program) composition, can recognize people like the computer issued instructions to it, automatic control of the corresponding function sit, and has a timed memory function, can be timed operation, after the end of all operations, but also automatically stop, completely save the trouble of manual manipulation.

3, multi-functional ozone generator disinfection, to avoid virus infection

Smart shoelace wardrobe design with multi-functional high-efficiency ozone generator, can release atomic oxygen in a short period of time to fully disinfect the shoes.Efficient disinfection can block the spread of pathogens, completely eliminate the growth of infectious diseases, bacteria, fungi and parasites, to avoid foot gas, foot, foot trenchitis, chicken eyes, gray toenails and other diseases of the virus inter-infection and cross-infection.

4, automatic dustremoval, oiling, waxing, cleaning and maintenance shoes

Now with cow and sheep skin, crocodile skin, scrub and suede and other materials produced by high-end shoes everywhere, shoes maintenance has naturally become the pursuit of high-quality life of people’s focus. Self-developed hidden infrared sensing technology, so that smart shoe cabinets can automatically maintain and clean shoes.As long as the user chooses the specified function, intelligent cleaning system will automatically run dust, oil, waxing and other steps, easy to relax without hands, you can make shoes as bright as new.

What Is The Function Of The Smart Shoe Cabinet In The Smart Household Appliance?

5, dehumidification and mold, keep shoes dry, comfortable, warm

People’s sweat glands developed, it is easy to sweat lead to wet shoes, and smart shoe cabinets using the thermostatic hot air circulation system dehumidification anti-mold, with a strong double ball warm air circulation system, shoes will be moist, sweat through drive away. The system intelligent self-control temperature of 40 degrees, to ensure that in the absence of any damage to shoes, to achieve the wet effect.The shoes are dry and comfortable, fresh and warm.

These are the features of smart home appliances introduced to you.

How Should The Electric Kettle Be Purchased As A Household Appliance?

How Should The Kettle Be Purchased As A Household Appliance?

Electric kettle is our common household appliances in the water, Delong electric kettle is also a good brand in the electric kettle, but some people do not know how the quality of use, in order to be safe, many people will buy advanced household appliances, then, in the purchase of how to buy, these are not very understanding,
So how about the Delong electric kettle? How to buy the kettle? Next small editor for everyone to introduce

I. How about the Delong electric kettle?

1. Delong electric kettle what it is one of the major small home appliance manufacturers in Italy. It was founded in 1902. In its inception, it provided heating system parts for other companies. It began to launch its own products in the 1970s. After years of development, Delong has now become one of the high-end home appliance design and production enterprises.
Delong’s home appliance product design unique, at the same time superior product quality, once listed, has won the attention and love of consumers.

2. What about the Delong electric kettle as a brand owned by the Italian family business, the brand is naturally better.
Delong offers high reliability, ease of use and functionality for every home, and is committed to improving the comfort and quality of everyday life for consumers.

How Should The Kettle Be Purchased As A Household Appliance?

3. The improvement and business inspiration for the products of the Delong kettle is based on an in-depth analysis of the needs of the global consumer, driven by the spirit of the Delong family business family, constantly pursuing creativity. Innate manufacturing capabilities also determine de Long’s constant pursuit of research and development and manufacturing of high-quality products.Designing functional products with elegant shapes, creative colors, fine surfaces and high-quality materials is an effort to meet the needs of different cultures and families around the world.

II. How to buy an electric kettle

1. Electric kettle as a household appliance, in fact, when buying, but it is easy to say that the most vulnerable part of the electric kettle is the foundation. The kettle itself is turned off due to the possibility of a bad one. Because the base contains the wiring of the input line and part of the circuit in contact with the body. If we usually maintain or enter the water, there is a high risk of an accident. It is recommended that you select a base that can come into contact with your body at any angle so that you can easily fetch water. And the base should not have obvious defects, such as an inlet line and connection to the body, and you should read the instructions carefully.
The electric kettle acts as a living room appliance and is placed in the living room.

2. When the kettle is purchased, whether there is a power-off function, but now most of the electric kettles on the market have the ability to automatically cut off the power after boiling water. It is still very safe to use, but not all kettles have this feature and some need to be turned off.Be aware of this when purchasing.

3. When buying electric kettles, price considerations, as well as hot water bottles on the market prices are varied, the quality is also different. Many people like to choose cheap, this is not right. Because advanced household appliances are generally of good quality prices can be very expensive. The kettle is a relatively important and dangerous device in Vaughn’s home. The cheaper the price, the better the quality. It is not worth the loss that accidents may be more likely to occur during use.
Buying an electric kettle is the first of the premium brands, and the second price is correct.

How Should The Kettle Be Purchased As A Household Appliance?

4. When buying an electric kettle, there are also options, should pay special attention to the appearance of hot water bottles, and there are defects in the process. Because hot water is different from ordinary household appliances, some defects can have serious consequences.When checking, be aware of any cracking of each connector, damage to the power cord, loose connection between the power cord and the kettle, and whether the control switch can move freely.

Delong electric kettle in use, do not know how in the quality, and how to buy the kettle, the above article is about the Delong electric kettle how and how to buy the kettle.

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Introduction To Air-conditioning Fans For Household Appliances

Introduction To Air-conditioning Fans For Household Appliances

Air-conditioning fan for today’s people are no strangers, with the existence of household appliances, we use is also very convenient. In order to better long-term use, we will choose advanced household appliances, air-conditioning fan principle? The following small editor to introduce to you about the air-conditioning fan some knowledge.Learn about it through the introduction of the article.

I. What is the principle of air-conditioning fan?

1. Air conditioning fan principle air conditioning fan is a new concept of fan, with gas supply, refrigeration, heating, air purification, humidification and other functions, water as the medium, can be issued in a short period of time equivalent to the water temperature of the wind, both warm and cold. Compared with electric fans, air-conditioning fans have the function of humidifying air, air conditioning fan principle but its power is much higher than the traditional fan, power is about 60-80W, but far lower than air conditioning. The air-conditioning fan principle price is very friendly.But after all, it can’t cool itself.

2. It needs to continuously inject the required temperature of water in order to continue to provide the desired temperature of the wind. Therefore, it is very inconvenient to use. For example, the indoor temperature in summer is 30 degrees C and the air conditioning fan temperature is 1 oC. About 20 hours of water can provide about half an hour of cold air. After half an hour, the water temperature in the body is absorbed at room temperature.Therefore, be careful not to add too much water when using.

Introduction To Air-conditioning Fans For Household Appliances

II. What is the key point of air-conditioning fan selection

1. Purchase of air-conditioning fans should choose a store of guaranteed quality. Because from the formal way to buy electrical appliances have a single basis, can ensure the normal after-sales service of products. In addition, to buy home appliances, you should choose a more famous brand.
This information is available online.

2. When buying air-conditioning fans, pay attention to the three-pack certificate must be complete, the purchase of the brand’s products will be better.
Must have a mandatory product certification mark, only products with mandatory product certification mark can have quality and safety assurance.

3. Pay attention to the test machine. Turn on the air-conditioning fan and feel like the cooling is very good, but don’t buy on impulse, as this may just be the reason the air conditioner is already in the store. Therefore, you should feel the power of the wind directly at the outlet. In places with low traffic, stand 3-5 meters from the air-conditioned fan to see if you can feel the visible wind.
Gradually turn off or step by step air conditioning fan, feel some air volume.

4. Choose an air-conditioning fan with ice crystal freezer. Air-conditioning fans are generally placed in the living room, it acts as a living room appliances, air-conditioning fans with ice crystals have a better cooling effect than other types. Other cooling methods include water curtain cooling, which has the advantages of small size, low price and low power consumption. Pump cooling is small and uniform, but at a high price.
The user can select the air conditioning fan according to the individual’s actual situation.

Introduction To Air-conditioning Fans For Household Appliances

5. Air-conditioning fans vary in size and shape. Before purchasing an air-conditioning fan, users should expect a good position.The angle, length and size of the air conditioner fan should be considered.

Air-conditioning fan is also a very good household appliances products, with its existence when we use, the effect can also be very good, small editor introduced the principle and choice, we also need to understand clearly, so that we can meet our needs.

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How Should TV Be Purchased As Household Appliances?

How Should TV Be Purchased As Household Appliances?

When buying household appliances, people tend to pay attention to the quality and brand of household appliances. People often buy TV as the most common kind of household appliances, but televisions usually sell the type of not only one, and television selling period, because of the price of televisions and production processes, their types of design is very different, so how to buy?

Let’s see what’s the difference between a flat-screen TV and an LCD TV, and what’s the difference between a flat-screen TV and an LCD TV?

How Should TV Be Purchased As Household Appliances?

First,what’s the difference between a flat-screen TV and an LCD TV

1.The production of LCD TV enterprises generally claim to be high in the clarity of plasma TELEVISION, and claimed that the current plasma TV claims the highest physical resolution is only 1024 x 1024, and most lcd TVs can reach 1024 x 768 high resolution, the highest has reached 1920 x 1080.

2. In fact, the physical resolution of plasma televisions sold on the market is mostly only 852 x 480, and only a few plasma tvs have a physical resolution of 1024 x 768.
However, it is also decided that the clarity of flat-screen TV is not only the physical resolution of the screen, the circuit on the high-definition signal processing also directly affects the clarity, simply from the physical resolution of the screen to judge the OK.

3.No matter how the LCD TV excuse, plasma TV in terms of perspective is better than LCD TV, of course, plasma TV is not “no perspective problem.”
For our living room, bedroom TV, very few people will watch TV from a perspective of more than 120 degrees, so from this point of view, the two sides of the perspective of the attack is not necessary.

4.Response speed has been the weakness of LCD TV, although the recent technical improvementhas, but sometimes also by the production of plasma TV enterprises to attack the object of LCD TV.
Some companies claim that their LCD TV response times have been reduced to 8 milliseconds, but in fact, most of the LCD TV response times sold on the market are around 12 milliseconds. 5. Even if the reported response time drops to 8 milliseconds lcd TV, there is still a tail-end phenomenon when playing fast motion images, because the enterprise claims that the 8 ms response time is measured by the phenomenon of playing still images.For a fast-moving black image of white images, LCD TVs have a slight tail-end phenomenon.

How Should TV Be Purchased As Household Appliances?

Second,what are the tips for buying flat-screen TVs and LCD TVs


Resolution is an important measure of LCD TV performance, the current market mainstream resolution parameters are mainly 1366 x 768 and 1920 x 1080.
HD flat-screen TV in the horizontal and vertical direction of clarity, basically higher than the 720 line, simply put, the real HD flat-screen TV must meet the resolution of more than 1366 x 768 this condition.

2.Response time

Response time is also important, it will decide to display high-speed dynamic screen, see if there will be fuzzy and tailing phenomenon, the purchase partner experts remind everyone: the current mainstream 8 ms response time can basically meet the requirements of everyone to use. Generally speaking, the faster the reaction time, the less LCD TV will appear tail, residual phenomenon.
It’s best to see how the action movie actually plays before you buy.

3.Brightness, contrast

In fact, consumers can directly ignore the brightness and contrast parameters provided by manufacturers, immediately to their own visual perception of the main, the method is in 5 meters away from the distance, view the screen display brightness and contrast, pay attention to the details of the dark scene performance, do a few product comparisons.

The above information content is the flat-screen TV and LCD TV what difference son is introduced, there is a flat-screen TV and LCD TV what difference with the purchase skills, Hope can help you.

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