Introduction Of Straight Suction Hood

Introduction Of Straight Suction Hood

How much is the installation height of the direct hood? Most people in the kitchen now have direct range hoods, because the direct hood can suck off the fumes, which is very important for our health. However, do you know where the best position of the direct hood is?

Introduction Of Straight Suction Hood

I.Straight suction hood installation height

1.The installation height of the direct hood is generally installed on the same axis of the cooker directly above the cooker. The left, front and rear positions should be maintained. The distance from the bottom of the range hood to the cooktop should be 650-750mm (side The suction machine can be appropriately reduced (200-400mm), which should be determined according to the specific use conditions. The range hood should not be installed in a place with large air convection. When installing, the pencil can be used to draw the approximate position on the wall.

2.In addition, the Chinese deep type machine with hood can be installed higher, the hood can be installed lower, the power can be installed higher, the power can be installed lower, the direct smoke can be used. Considering the convenience of operation and the smoking effect, the height of the stove is generally between 65-75cm; and the bottom of the side suction hood is closer to the stove, generally between 35-45cm.

3.In addition, if the hood is installed at a distance from the top, in order to hide the pipe, you can customize the hood to lengthen the hood. Before installation, you should also determine the position of the hood.

Introduction Of Straight Suction Hood

The best position of the straight range hood

The best position of the direct suction range hood is where the general position of the straight suction hood is 70cm, which can not only meet the requirements of the direct hood but also the direct hood. Generally, the range hood is 650-700 mm along the outer edge of the stove. It can also be determined according to the following comprehensive situation. In general, the height of the range hood should be low and not high.

In addition, the height of the direct range hood should be set according to the type of the range, and the installation height of the side hood should be appropriate to ensure the effect of the range smog; the normal installation height is the distance between the bottom of the hood and the top of the stove at 350mm. It is preferably up to 400 mm. The bottom of the European straight range hood is installed at a reference height of 650mm-750mm. Chinese-style direct suction range hood, the height is generally 650mm-750mm from the table top.

II.How to clean the straight suction hood?

How to remove the direct range hood:

1, unplug the power supply before cleaning the range hood. Remember, you must unplug the power supply for safety reasons.

2.Next, remove the ‘oil cup’ from the outside of the hood and pour it. When you pour it, you will see a lot of black and black oil. (It will be dirty when dismantled. It is recommended to wear a dirty dress, or clothes that you don’t want to wear.

3.Then, remove the oil filter. The function of the oil filter net is to block the soot as much as possible. Some models are designed as one layer, but some models are designed as two or more layers. The filter holes are square, diamond and round.

4.Remove the oil guiding disc. Under the action of the high-speed rotation of the fan impeller, the oil that is pumped out is finally collected in the oil guiding disc, and then the oil is sent into the oil collecting cup or the oil collecting tank through the plastic tube.

5.Remove the fan impeller, loosen the fixing screw of the turbine, push down and remove the turbine. When installing the turbine, be sure to align the same screw with the plane on the motor shaft.

6.Before removing the motor, remove the dust cover above the motor and then remove the four screws that fix the motor to remove the motor.

III.How to clean the direct range hood:

Now almost all families install a direct range hood in the kitchen, so that when we cook, the fumes will be obviously improved, but while it is convenient for life, we also need to know how to clean the straight hood. Because of the long-term use, the smoking fume opportunity is attached with a thick layer of grease. If it is not cleaned, there will always be a smell of soot in the kitchen, which looks like a dirty feeling.

How To Choose A Commercial Soya-bean Milk Machine?

How To Choose A Commercial Soya-bean Milk Machine?

Buying household appliances is what many homes or shops need, so how do you buy advanced household appliances? I believe that everyone still does not know how to buy household appliances, let’s see how to buy it!

How To Choose A Commercial Soya-bean Milk Machine?

First, how to choose commercial soya-bean milk machine

1.How to choose the quality of soymilk in commercial soya-bean milk machine, which is becoming more and more fierce in the 21st century. People’s living standards are constantly improving. More and more attention is paid to diet. Some foods containing additives and pigments escape. Soymilk is called “plant milk” in foreign countries. Express the meaning of nature and green. Therefore, “green soy milk” without additives is now fashionable and is the future development trend of soy milk.

2, how to choose the machine performance of commercial soya-bean milk machine, machine performance is a comprehensive performance, which includes its function, quality, quality, principle, etc. These are also concerns of users. An excellent team, not only good quality, more functions, but more importantly, competitiveness, can solve some problems that other teams can’t solve. For example, using a pot to cook the bottom of the pot, the concentration can not be high, soy milk can be added without adding additives. Eliminates astringency and astringency, ensuring the fresh, natural and original taste of soy milk. This is a kitchen appliances.The performance of this household appliance is very good, we can choose to buy it.

3, how to choose the safety of commercial soya-bean milk machine, the safety of soymilk machine is mainly reflected in two aspects: First, the safety of soymilk machine itself, some high-pressure or non-pressure equipment I think that each user does not want to operate this business several years. It was destroyed in an explosion accident, and the second is the safety of producing soy milk. Nowadays, people know that soy milk has a “fake boiling phenomenon”. Now the solution to this problem is undoubtedly the addition of defoamers, which are chemicals.

4.How to choose the cost of commercial soya-bean milk machine and strive for a good project. Various cost issues are related to whether the project can survive, labor, raw materials, equipment and equipment use. Now, the only machine on the market is a good way to save labor. The market price is almost the same. Team selection is especially important. It is not necessary to choose the most beautiful or cheapest household appliances.

How To Choose A Commercial Soya-bean Milk Machine?

Second, what are the maintenance skills of commercial soya-bean milk machine?

  1. Applicable environment, single-phase AC voltage 220±10%V/50Hz, ambient temperature 0-40°C, ambient air humidity ≤80% (25°C), indoor use below 2000m horizontal sea. Exceeding the above conditions may affect the normal operation of the machine.
  2. When the machine is placed in an environment below 0 °C, the drain rod must be pulled to completely remove the remaining water, and the water in the tank is drained through the drain cock. Prevent ice from being damaged. The machine must be placed in the machine. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight in a relatively dry indoor environment. The cooking tub and grout nozzle should be cleaned each time the soy milk is prepared.
  3. If the machine is running and there are protection issues not specified in the manual, do not disassemble the machine without authorization. Contact your dealer to resolve the issue. For the serious scale of the grinding system, you can mix 100 grams of citric acid powder {citric acid: hot water = 1: 5} in the solution, pour directly into the hopper for 30 minutes, then press “Select Function” “Show clean text. Then press ” The Start/Stop button performs this operation twice in a row. If this method cannot be resolved, contact your dealer to resolve it.

How to choose commercial soybean milk machine in advanced household appliances? What are the maintenance techniques of commercial soya-bean milk machine? These are the main articles in the above article, Xiaobian mainly introduces you, I hope it will help you very well.

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Household Appliances – Jiuyang Rice Cooker Which Is Good To Use?

Household Appliances - Jiuyang Rice Cooker Which Is Good To Use?

The rice cooker is an essential household appliances, related to the daily diet. A good rice cooker can make fragrant rice, so many people will choose Jiuyang this old brand. What about the Jiuyang rice cooker?Many consumers don’t know how to choose advanced household appliances when they buy.

Household Appliances - Jiuyang Rice Cooker Which Is Good To Use?

I.How about the Jiuyang rice cooker?

1, Jiuyang rice cooker is a product of Jiuyang Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, is a focus on healthy eating electrical research and development, production and sales of modern enterprises. The brand in the industry belongs to the old brand, has a good reputation, quality is worth ensuring.

2, Jiuyang rice cooker variety, with many different grades. Families with different economic conditions can choose the right product according to their own circumstances.Different Jiuyang rice cookerhas have different functions, such as porridge, cake, high-pressure cooking and so on, the performance is very powerful.

3, Jiuyang rice cooker appearance unique, with streamlined design, the united printed appearance gives people a texture.Consumers can choose the right size according to their own demographic structure, it can also become a beautiful scenery in the kitchen.

II.Jiuyang rice cooker which is good

1, Jiuyang rice cooker JYF-20FS66 Jiuyang rice cooker

JYF-20FS66 is a very high-value rice cooker, it has a variety of small fresh colors, it is placed as a kitchen appliances in the kitchen is particularly natural. The advantage is that there is no noise, basically can be said to be silent state, suitable for the use of a family of three.

Jiuyang rice cooker JYF-20FS66 with steamed rice, cooking porridge, soup, stew and other functions, can meet the daily household.

2, Jiuyang rice cooker F-50T7 Jiuyang rice cooker

F-50T7 is a star product of Jiuyang, with high sales volume.

It uses the inner bile of the iron kettle, through electromagnetic induction precise temperature control, the use of 1200w of super-large firepower, through intelligent control to reproduce the sweet and soft rice.

3, Jiuyang rice cooker F-40FY1 Jiuyang rice cooker

F-40FY1 is a suitable for domestic rice cooker, its inner bile material is a coppersmith thick kettle inner bile, the use of micro-computer control can be automatically cooked and many other functions.
This advanced home appliance is 750W of power, 6L volume suitable for a family of three.

Household Appliances - Jiuyang Rice Cooker Which Is Good To Use?

III.Jiuyang rice cooker price list

1, Jiuyang F-40T5

Reference quote:¥999

Volume size: 4L product power: 1200W

Inner bile material: the number of guts in the earth stove iron kettle: 2-5 peopleMake an appointment for a regular cooking meal: support

2, Jiuyang F-40FY1

Reference quote:¥399
Volume size: 6L product power: 750W
Inner bile material: Coppersmith thick kettle inner bile applicable number: 2-3 people Make an appointment for a regular cooking meal: support

3, Jiuyang JYF-50FS69
Reference Quote:¥250
Volume size: 5L product power: 500W
Inner bile material: non-stick gold crystal inner bile applicable number: 2-5 peopleMake an appointment for a regular cooking meal: support

4, Jiuyang JYF-30FE08
Reference quote:¥139
Volume size: 3L product power: 600W
Inner bile material: Yellow crystal polyenergy inner bile cooked rice volume: 10 cups
Number of people: 2-5

5, Jiuyang F-40FY813
Volume size: 4L product power: 860W
Inner bile material: the number of guts applicable to the earth stove: 3-6 people
Control: Microcomputer control

The above is to introduce the advanced household appliances related knowledge, to describe to everyone, Jiuyang rice cooker which is good? Hopefully, these will help you when you buy advanced household appliances.

Smart Household Appliances – Brand Introduction Of Smart Speakers

Smart Household Appliances - Brand Introduction Of Smart Speakers

The development of science and technology, smart household appliances have also developed. Smart speaker has a variety of brands, materials and styles, consumers in the choice to buy smart speakers, we must pay attention to the smart speaker what functions, if you do not know how to buy smart speakers, you can interact with the smart speaker experience, and then choose.Which smart speaker is good?

With the continuous improvement of the demand for life, smart home into everyone’s life, such as smart speakers, smart TV and smart air conditioning and so on, the following together to see which smart speaker is good.

Smart Household Appliances  - Brand Introduction Of Smart Speakers

I. Brand introduction of smart speakers

1, Tmall Genie

Recommended Reasons: Home Appliance Voice Control/Voice On Demand/Sound Print Shopping/DTS Audio Technology/Massive Audio/Coax/Affordable Tmall Genie smart speaker from the overall point of view, the accuracy performance is: Tmall Genie, in the state of no interference, noise, accuracy of up to 85.67 percent, and in the noise interference in the two states, can still maintain a high accuracy, followed by ding, with a slightly inferior performance.The less desirable thing is that Nikki, floating between 49% and 56%, still needs to improve.

2.Glory YOYO

Recommended Reason: Smart Call/Smart Butler/360-degree Surround Sound/Control Appliances/Bluetooth Speaker/Voice Wake-Up The biggest difference between the glorious YOYO smart speaker and other AI speakers is that it has intelligent calling function, as long as the network can call mobile phones, speakers and children’s watches, no need to insert a single phone card, so that you can chat with family and friends anytime, anywhere, and truly free your hands.

In terms of function, the Glory YOYO smart speaker supports 3-5 meters of remote-field voice interaction, equipped with SoundAIAzero, supports sound source measurement, noise suppression, reverb elimination, echo cancellation, voice wake-up, endpoint detection, speech recognition, semantic understanding, speech synthesis, duplex call and other technologies.

3, Xiaomi xiao love students

Recommended reasons: Control home appliances / Bluetooth speakers / dual-band wifi / remote voice / voice remote control / smart wake-up Xiaomi AI speaker is not only artificial intelligence speaker, but also network, Bluetooth speaker, support Bluetooth, DLNA, dual-band wifi mode. Usually only need a “little love students”, you can wake up Xiaomi AI speaker to help you deal with a variety of affairs.

For example, playing music, telling stories, setting alarm clocks, checking the weather, looking for a cell phone, encyclopedia, control lights, empty withering, air purifiers, Xiaomi TV…

4, 360 Smart Speaker MAX M1

Recommended Reasons: Hi-Fi-Grade Fever Sound/Smart EQ Smart Sound/Double Smart Wake/Sound Tattoo Recognition/Home Scene Linkage/Bluetooth Music Playback The M1 is the 360’s first smart speaker product, the biggest selling point is to have very outstanding sound quality. It uses TI-specific sound processor, smart EQ intelligent sound, so every sound is clear, built-in Rokid KAMINO18 artificial intelligence AI chip, using dedicated audio DSP and NPU, with advanced sound source positioning, beam forming, noise suppression and echo cancellation, voice conversion,
Ability to wake up easily within 5 meters.

Smart Household Appliances  - Brand Introduction Of Smart Speakers

II.What functions do smart speakers have?

Intelligent speaker technology is constantly upgraded, many users in life to buy smart speakers, advanced household appliances can meet the needs of life, the following together to see what the smart speaker has functions.

1, Xiaomi AI smart speaker

Xiaomi AI speaker is to support voice interaction, including online music, internet radio, audiobooks, radio stations, etc., to provide news, weather, alarm clock, countdown, memo, reminder, time, exchange rate, stock, limit, counting, find mobile phone, encyclopedia/question and answer, chat, jokes, recipes, translation and other functions.

2, Xiaoya AI smart speaker Xiaoya AI speaker is a full content AI speaker, launched by Himalaya FM on June 20, 2017, can be used in the family and other sub-sectors, including alarm clock, reminder, weather and other features.

His main selling point is the rich audio content of the Himalayas.

3, Tmall Pokemon X1 Smart Speaker
Tmall Elf X1 built-in Ali Genie operating system, Ali Genie lives in the cloud, it can understand Chinese Voice commands in Mandarin, currently can achieve smart home control, voice shopping, mobile phone recharge, call takeaway, audio music playback and other functions.

The above is a small editor to introduce the smart household appliances in the smart speaker brand introduction. I hope this will help you buy smart household appliances in the future.

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What Are The Precautions For Using The Bread Machine?

What Are The Precautions For Using The Bread Machine?

Delicious bread is also made in our home, so the bread machine is our first choice. It can give us food and guarantee the use of our lives. So, is the bread machine easy to use? It is also a question that you need to know when you want to buy it. Let’s take a look at the knowledge of the bread machine in the small series of the decoration house. Let us know. Let’s learn together.

What Are The Precautions For Using The Bread Machine?

First, is the bread machine easy to use?

1.It is easy to use. It can also be used as a dough mixer. I am using bread and noodle dumplings. The bread made by the bread machine I bought is very delicious. The function is very practical. It is important to put the eggs and butter milk in it, it will be done automatically. Breadmakers range in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. The choice of bread machine price depends on your actual situation. However, a bread machine of about 300 yuan is suitable for general household use.

2.The bread machine is a small appliance used to make machines. It only needs to operate according to the formula. The bread machine can be automatically mashed, fermented and baked into a variety of breadmakers. In fact, the bread machine can not only make bread, but also make other foods. Such as cakes, yogurt, rice wine, etc.

3, if the bread machine is a manual mode function bread machine can also make a variety of bread, very suitable for more professional bread making master. The powerful function of the bread machine not only allows users to easily make French, European, whole wheat, rice noodles, but also can make rice cakes, rice cakes, stuffed nuts, stir fry, and even make yogurt, cheese and other foods through their own designed procedures.

What Are The Precautions For Using The Bread Machine?

Second, what are the precautions for the use of bread machine?

1.First clean the bread machine, pour the mixed water, milk and eggs into the bread bucket to prepare the dough. Choose according to your own taste. If you like to eat salty bread or sweet bread, you can take your favorite seasonings. After adding the seasoning, you can put the flour in a bucket and cover the flour with water.

2.You can mix evenly without rushing. You can dig a hole in the flour and pour the yeast powder into it. Don’t forget the fermentation step, otherwise it will affect the bread making. When you are ready, you can install the bread bucket in the bread machine and plug it in. By selecting the program, you can follow the various bread program options so that you can wait for the face, press the start button, the bread machine starts to knead, and the bread making program is officially launched.

3.After the bread machine is stirred for a period of time, it will stop automatically. At this point, press and hold the “Start/Stop” button for three seconds to end the program. Otherwise the dough will start to ferment. After mixing, add the softened butter and repeat the “fat” procedure until the dough reaches the expanded state. Buy small appliances such as breadmakers, choose good quality, or the machine can’t work normally after purchase, the total failure will make you annoyed. Choosing good quality and choosing some big brands requires us to understand that quality will be safer.

The use of the bread machine introduced is also very important. We need to learn that we can guarantee the normal use and give us delicious food.

Introduction To Household Appliances – Bread Baking Machine

Introduction To Household Appliances - Bread Baking Machine

Bread roaster is the bread roaster can be their own bread roaster, this kind of advanced household appliances in today’s society is more and more widely used, our life is more and more convenient. Many people buy bread roasters to use in their lives. But I don’t know what brand the baker is, and how much the bread roaster is worth.
Small editor this to tell us about this kind of household appliances related to the introduction.

Introduction To Household Appliances - Bread Baking Machine

I. How much is a bread roaster?

How much is the bread roaster? Many users don’t understand the price of bread bakers on the market. Below is a small editor to introduce the bread roaster how much money a question.

Interested users to a simple understanding of it! The market price of bread roasters of different sizes is different from brand to market.And there is a certain difference in price. The price of small, ordinary household and noodle machines on the market is about 200-300 yuan. The price of some home and noodle machines is about 500 yuan. The average medium-sized bread roaster on the market costs about 700-1200 yuan. Home small and face machines also have products at this price point. Relatively speaking, there are still a few more customers who choose this price. The market price of a large bread roaster on the market is about 1500-8000 yuan.This large bread roaster is used in commercial shops and is not suitable for household use.

II. What brand is good for the bread roaster? What brand is good for the baker? Many users don’t know what brand and noodle machine to buy when they buy a bread roaster. Below the small editor to introduce the bread roaster what brand is good question.Interested users to a simple understanding of it!

1, Ashton Bread Baking Machine

Ashton Bread Baking Machine is a good and noodle brand on the market. Ashton and noodle machines are still popular on the market.And the choice of users are also more.

2, Kewood

Kewood is a well-known small advanced household appliances brand from europe, focusing on kitchen food processing.Kewood bakers are still popular on the market.

3, Double-Standing

People German double-standing people are also very good electrical brand. There are also more users who choose the double-stand brand of bread roasters. And the quality of the two-legged people is also relatively secure.

Introduction To Household Appliances - Bread Baking Machine

III. Bread baking machine operation process How do bread bakers use as kitchen appliances? Many users don’t know how to use it after buying a baker.
Below is a small editor to introduce the bread roaster operation process.

1, before using the bread roaster to clean the bread roaster, and then put in the appropriate flour and water, pay attention to water and noodles do not excessive, so as not to damage the bread roaster.Close the gear board after the water and surface have been placed, check the safety of the equipment configuration and then power it on.

2, if there is uneven stirring or dropped into the dirt, be sure not to put the hand directly into the face machine.If you need to adjust or face the face by hand, you must turn off the power supply before you operate.

3, in the process of use, take the positive and negative two directions to stir the surface, so as to make the surface and even.Usually after 6-10 minutes of continuous operation, the dough is ready.After the bread baking machine shut down and then pull the flip handle, the face after the fight back, so that the handle reset the block force, the face bucket fixed, pull the pull or reverse switch, the dough can be thrown out.

4, it is important to note that you can not be in the bread baking machine, this will corrode and face machine.

5, after the bread roaster stirs, need to turn off the power, remove the noodles, each time to clean the residue of the bread baking machine, generally need to clean once a week and noodle machine.

6, such as found leakage and other failures, must immediately cut off the power shutdown, and then find an electrician to repair, can not privately start to repair the bread baking machine.

The above is the small editor to introduce to you in the advanced household appliances in the bread baking machine brand and use methods, I hope that in the future you will buy high-level household appliances can help.

Household Appliances – How To Install The Drain Washer?

Household Appliances - How To Install The Drain Washer?

Household appliances in the market by the vast number of consumers attention, its functionality and safety is very important, because considering the safety issue, many families in the purchase of household appliances, will choose advanced household appliances.

The upper drain washer is the washing machine whose drain outlet is located above. Many users are curious about whether the washing machine can drain water. There is a washing machine drain on the general height in what position. And some customers don’t know how to install drain washing machines. The following to introduce the upper row washing machine as a senior household appliances related knowledge, I hope you can like.

Household Appliances - How To Install The Drain Washer?

I.Can the upper drain washer drain the lower drain
Can the upper drain machine drain water? Many users are curious about this question. Below small make up to introduce the drainage washing machine can not the following drainage problem. Interested users to a simple understanding of it!

Upper drain washing machine can drain under water. A typical washing machine is a drum washing machine. Drum washing machine originated in Europe. European countries like to design the drainage pipe at the location of 60-90cm of the wall, so there is a drum washing machine with upper drainage.

And the upper drainage washing machine is through the drain pipe water out, drainage power is provided by the drainage motor. And below drain is drain valve opens, the water in washing machine is put aside naturally. So the drainage washing machine can not drain above. And the top drain washer can drain the bottom.

The height of drain pipe of upper washing machine
What position is the drainage pipe height of the upper drainage washing machine more reasonable? A lot of users do not know the position of drain height of washing machine, small make up below to introduce the problem of drain height of washing machine. Interested users to a simple understanding of it!

The height of drain pipe of washing machine of go up drainage is in commonly 50 to 80 centimeters left and right sides are more appropriate. The so-called upper and lower drainage, the difference lies in the lower drainage is the need to rely on the water’s own weight to achieve the purpose of drainage. So the drain can only be placed horizontally, high hanging is not drainage. Ask drain outlet so, must be the low outlet such as floor drain.
Upper drainage is achieved by the machine’s own drainage pump, optional, as long as the drainage port is no higher than 1 meter, can be smoothly discharged.
However, this drain must not be placed horizontally because the machine is straight and there is no drain valve control switch. The upper row washing machine serves as the bathroom appliance, so must hang highly to place, may enter the floor drain again, otherwise can change into the water side drainage.

Household Appliances - How To Install The Drain Washer?

II.How to install the upper drain washer

How to install the drain washer? Many customers don’t know how to install drain washing machines. Below small make up to introduce the installation of drainage washing machine. Interested users to a simple understanding of it!

1, first of all, the front of the washing machine down, in the operation of special attention to the protection, not because of the operation of the error of the whole washing machine broken. Then remove the washer base and drain pipe with a screwdriver, remove the screw and then remove the drain pipe.

2.Put one end of the washing machine drain pipe into the drain, and the other end into the washing machine drain.

3.Insert the drain pipe from the reserved opening of the base until the length of the drain pipe is suitable for the washing machine.

4, with the drainage outlet to the quasi drain pipe, conditional can be used to seal with a spring or sealing bag and other items to prevent leakage.

5, then screw on the floor after the installation of screws in the washing machine up.

6.After installing the washing machine drain pipe, it may not be perfect. Next, it needs to adjust the drain pipe to a height less than 10cm on the ground and not very winding.

7, the drainage pipe is not easy to be too long, if too long, you need to cut off a part, in the cutting time need to pay attention to is to cut diagonally, so that the outlet will be more convenient.

8, after the above steps are completed, you can use a basin of water into the washing machine to check whether the water can be passed through and whether there is any leakage.

The above is to introduce the advanced household appliances in the washing machine how to install reasonably, I hope to help you in the purchase of household appliances, want to know more household appliances, you can continue to pay attention to me.

What Is The Function Of The Smart Shoe Cabinet In The Smart Household Appliance?

What Is The Function Of The Smart Shoe Cabinet In The Smart Household Appliance?

The quality of household appliances is getting more and more attention from consumers, and advanced household appliances are widely used, especially in the current development of science and technology, people will buy smart household appliances.

I. Price of smart shoe cabinet

Smart shoe cabinet about how much money, with the improvement of people’s quality of life, people use the shoe cabinet has also been a big change, is more and more intelligent, smart shoe cabinet added a variety of functions to solve people’s confusion.
Moreover, the smart shoe cabinet and wardrobe combined design is to bring people convenience. Smart shoe cabinet these years very popular, many people are paying attention to and buying, so said, very much want to know how much smart shoe cabinet is about.

If yes, only a door of the shoe volume is also less intelligent shoe cabinet, its price will be relatively cheap, about 300 yuan – 700 yuan, some of this kind of smart shoe cabinet may be more interesting in the design is designed on the form of changing shoes and stools. If the number of people at home is relatively large, you can choose to buy a relatively large smart shoe cabinet, the price is between 1000 yuan – 5000 yuan. Put it in the living room, it as a living room appliances, now relatively popular with the people of a smart shoe cabinet is a pair of open door ivory white solid wood smart shoe cabinet, in the price is the same kind of 2000 yuan – 4000 between.

The price is not very expensive after careful consideration.Smart shoe cabinet and wardrobe combination can be said to be very practical, that is, people change shoes at the same time, also has a large wardrobe.

What Is The Function Of The Smart Shoe Cabinet In The Smart Household Appliance?

Second, smart shoe cabinet and wardrobe combination has the following advantages:

1, double deodorization, but also room air fresh and natural

The design of smart shoe cabinet and wardrobe combination uses the dual deodorizing technology combining positive and negative ion generator and electronic ceramic ozone generator to carry out thorough oxidation and decomposition of ammonia, methanol and so on, the main components of odor.Shoe cabinet can be timed automatic deodorization, deodorization rate of 100%, can effectively improve the freshness of the room air, so that odor away.

2, micro-computer intelligent control, timing memory automatic work

Smart shoe cabinet built-in microcomputer, like a computer has hardware and software (program) composition, can recognize people like the computer issued instructions to it, automatic control of the corresponding function sit, and has a timed memory function, can be timed operation, after the end of all operations, but also automatically stop, completely save the trouble of manual manipulation.

3, multi-functional ozone generator disinfection, to avoid virus infection

Smart shoelace wardrobe design with multi-functional high-efficiency ozone generator, can release atomic oxygen in a short period of time to fully disinfect the shoes.Efficient disinfection can block the spread of pathogens, completely eliminate the growth of infectious diseases, bacteria, fungi and parasites, to avoid foot gas, foot, foot trenchitis, chicken eyes, gray toenails and other diseases of the virus inter-infection and cross-infection.

4, automatic dustremoval, oiling, waxing, cleaning and maintenance shoes

Now with cow and sheep skin, crocodile skin, scrub and suede and other materials produced by high-end shoes everywhere, shoes maintenance has naturally become the pursuit of high-quality life of people’s focus. Self-developed hidden infrared sensing technology, so that smart shoe cabinets can automatically maintain and clean shoes.As long as the user chooses the specified function, intelligent cleaning system will automatically run dust, oil, waxing and other steps, easy to relax without hands, you can make shoes as bright as new.

What Is The Function Of The Smart Shoe Cabinet In The Smart Household Appliance?

5, dehumidification and mold, keep shoes dry, comfortable, warm

People’s sweat glands developed, it is easy to sweat lead to wet shoes, and smart shoe cabinets using the thermostatic hot air circulation system dehumidification anti-mold, with a strong double ball warm air circulation system, shoes will be moist, sweat through drive away. The system intelligent self-control temperature of 40 degrees, to ensure that in the absence of any damage to shoes, to achieve the wet effect.The shoes are dry and comfortable, fresh and warm.

These are the features of smart home appliances introduced to you.

Household appliances – introduction to gas cookers in electric steamers.

Household appliances - introduction to gas cookers in electric steamers.

Living standards, people buy the best furniture, especially in the purchase of household appliances, people pay special attention to high-end household appliances and smart household appliances.

Electric steamer as a kind of advanced household appliances, it is from the traditional wood steamer, aluminum steamer, bamboo steamer and so on, developed from a kind of electric steam principle, directly steamed food a modern kitchen appliances. So which is the good electric steamer and gas steamer?What brand is good in the steamer?

Household appliances - introduction to gas cookers in electric steamers.

I. Which is good in the electric steamer and gas steamer

1, the advantages of the steamer

(1) Electric steamer is the same as the traditional steamer, is the use of steam principle steamed food, can effectively preserve the nutritional content of food;
(2) The use of electric steamer is relatively simple and convenient, because it is electronically controlled, so it has a certain degree of intelligence, when used without care, and high safety;
(3) The lid of the electric steamer is mostly made of transparent plastic, so you do not need to open the lid of the pot, you can directly view the status of the steamer;
(4) electric steamer generally has a timing function, can even if the experience of new bnoist, can easily handle a variety of cuisine;
(5) The steamer can be freely combined according to its actual needs;(6) Electric steamer generally has overheating and dry burn protection function of the product, use more secure, more assured.

2, the advantages of gas steamer

(1) The use of gas steamer is relatively simple, without instructions, can be used;
(2) Gas steamer is relatively durable, because its structure does not have electrical components, so do not worry about the aging of the circuit;(3) The gas steamer capacity is large, whether it is steamed bread, steamed buns, steamed fish, gas steamer can be achieved;

3, electric steamer and gas steamer comparison

The heat source of the gas steamer is gas, and the electric steamer is electric, so from the cost of use, gas steamer is cheaper, but if from the ease of use, the electric steamer is better. They are all as kitchen appliances, in the purchase, people will pay attention to its use of safety. Steamers and gas steamers have their advantages, so they should be selected according to actual needs.The safety of household appliances in general is something that many consumers value.

Household appliances - introduction to gas cookers in electric steamers.

II. What brand of electric steamer is good

1, Supor Electric Steamer

With steaming, cooking, cooking, stewing, stewing, and cooking, Supor electric steamer can enjoy a healthy and delicious life anytime, anywhere.Supor electric steamer also has hot pot, single-layer, double-layer and other modes, can be random combination and match, a variety of functions, use is also very convenient.

2, Bear Electric Steamer

The Bear electric steamer has a variety of specifications to choose from, whether it is for home use, but can be used for a single person.The cooking firepower of the bear steamer is adjustable, in addition to the basic steaming function, cooking porridge, cooking noodles, cooking hot pot is also accessible.

3, Zhigao electric steamer

Zhigao steamer steaming, cooking, frying, frying, frying, stewing, stewing, slugs, slugs and other cooking modes, all kinds of proficient, fully meet the needs of the family, can be said to be “a pot in hand, food is not worried.”Zhigao electric steamer is a multi-tube heating mode, can produce stable heat, strong fire, heating fast, is a very good choice.

In addition to the above three brands, hemispheric, beautiful, Philips and other brands are also very good choices.

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How Should The Electric Kettle Be Purchased As A Household Appliance?

How Should The Kettle Be Purchased As A Household Appliance?

Electric kettle is our common household appliances in the water, Delong electric kettle is also a good brand in the electric kettle, but some people do not know how the quality of use, in order to be safe, many people will buy advanced household appliances, then, in the purchase of how to buy, these are not very understanding,
So how about the Delong electric kettle? How to buy the kettle? Next small editor for everyone to introduce

I. How about the Delong electric kettle?

1. Delong electric kettle what it is one of the major small home appliance manufacturers in Italy. It was founded in 1902. In its inception, it provided heating system parts for other companies. It began to launch its own products in the 1970s. After years of development, Delong has now become one of the high-end home appliance design and production enterprises.
Delong’s home appliance product design unique, at the same time superior product quality, once listed, has won the attention and love of consumers.

2. What about the Delong electric kettle as a brand owned by the Italian family business, the brand is naturally better.
Delong offers high reliability, ease of use and functionality for every home, and is committed to improving the comfort and quality of everyday life for consumers.

How Should The Kettle Be Purchased As A Household Appliance?

3. The improvement and business inspiration for the products of the Delong kettle is based on an in-depth analysis of the needs of the global consumer, driven by the spirit of the Delong family business family, constantly pursuing creativity. Innate manufacturing capabilities also determine de Long’s constant pursuit of research and development and manufacturing of high-quality products.Designing functional products with elegant shapes, creative colors, fine surfaces and high-quality materials is an effort to meet the needs of different cultures and families around the world.

II. How to buy an electric kettle

1. Electric kettle as a household appliance, in fact, when buying, but it is easy to say that the most vulnerable part of the electric kettle is the foundation. The kettle itself is turned off due to the possibility of a bad one. Because the base contains the wiring of the input line and part of the circuit in contact with the body. If we usually maintain or enter the water, there is a high risk of an accident. It is recommended that you select a base that can come into contact with your body at any angle so that you can easily fetch water. And the base should not have obvious defects, such as an inlet line and connection to the body, and you should read the instructions carefully.
The electric kettle acts as a living room appliance and is placed in the living room.

2. When the kettle is purchased, whether there is a power-off function, but now most of the electric kettles on the market have the ability to automatically cut off the power after boiling water. It is still very safe to use, but not all kettles have this feature and some need to be turned off.Be aware of this when purchasing.

3. When buying electric kettles, price considerations, as well as hot water bottles on the market prices are varied, the quality is also different. Many people like to choose cheap, this is not right. Because advanced household appliances are generally of good quality prices can be very expensive. The kettle is a relatively important and dangerous device in Vaughn’s home. The cheaper the price, the better the quality. It is not worth the loss that accidents may be more likely to occur during use.
Buying an electric kettle is the first of the premium brands, and the second price is correct.

How Should The Kettle Be Purchased As A Household Appliance?

4. When buying an electric kettle, there are also options, should pay special attention to the appearance of hot water bottles, and there are defects in the process. Because hot water is different from ordinary household appliances, some defects can have serious consequences.When checking, be aware of any cracking of each connector, damage to the power cord, loose connection between the power cord and the kettle, and whether the control switch can move freely.

Delong electric kettle in use, do not know how in the quality, and how to buy the kettle, the above article is about the Delong electric kettle how and how to buy the kettle.

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