Coffee Table

  • Price
    1.220 -AED
  • Frame
    Laminated wood
    High gloss paint
  • Colors available

    • High gloss paint white, wood top

  • Dimensions

    (Large side x Small side x Height)
    90 x 65 x 31,5 cm

  • Details

    The first, second and third
    panel 360° rotating

Well you’ve done it. No, you’ve ALMOST done it. Puko stylish coffee table got the perfect decor. But its missing something, something unique and modern, yet classically timeless. Puko stylish coffee table is elegant and eye-catching. Something that makes a statement! Well look no further! You’ve got the perfect piece in this Puko stylish coffee table. Puko stylish coffee table making it the most stunning piece in your home. Now, you’ve done it!